Born in the Napa Valley, Lindsay grew up chasing her brothers and sister through the grapevines at her family’s winery, Buehler Vineyards. She spent her childhood raising rabbits, pressing wild flowers with her mother, fishing with a Coke can, and when she wasn’t quick enough to find a hiding place, working the bottling line. 

Years later, Lindsay studied art history and photography working on both coasts before returning home to Revival Vineyards. Today, Lindsay is a wife, mother of two, a novice baker, and the creative director of Revival Made, a combination that ensures her days are both full and sweet.



Sean grew up on the western edge of the Napa Valley, in the shade of a 300-year-old oak tree, with obsidian in his pockets and acorns in the cuffs of his jeans. The son of a grape grower and winemaker, his parents were among a select group of pioneers who followed the call of the land. When he wasn’t racking barrels or suckering vines, he was hanging out in record stores and hunting down pawnshop guitars. 

Before taking over as the vineyard manager at Flora Springs, Sean pursued his craft as a songwriter, performing on both coasts, and later, recording an album in Nashville. Today Sean is a husband, father of two, a songwriter, and the vineyard manager for Revival Made. He wouldn’t have it any other way.