Revival Cabernet

This Revival Vineyards Cabernet is crafted the only way we know how:by hand. The grape clusters are harvested in the cool hours of the morning and then hand-sorted. To achieve both the rich fruit character and the long, soft tannins unique to Revival, the berries are fermented using an artisan technique: wholeberry, barrel fermentation. This style of making wine is not for the faint of heart. First, a head from each new-oak barrel is removed by hand. The barrels are then filled with our pristine fruit, leaving enough room for the fermentation to occur. Our distinct style is created through a series of punch downs and pump-overs—all within each individual barrel—as the fermenting juice reacts magically with the new oak. After fermentation is complete, the wine is removed from barrel and pressed. Each barrel is reconstructed by hand, and the wine is returned to the barrel to age for two years. It’s an artisan technique focused solely on quality.

$ 125.00